Brave New Math

Amid globalization, traditional economic measures like Gross Domestic Product, unemployment, and stock markets leave us with a distorted worldview - and a shaky foundation for policy decisions. In the Information Age, aren't there better indicators to manage our country's well-being? In Brave New Math, based on his thought-provoking 2012 article for the World Policy Journal, Peter Marber attacks conventional wisdom and recommends new metrics and policies to promote broader prosperity in the 21st century.



"Part Moneyball, part Freakonomics,  Brave New Math asks us to rethink the economic statistics and policies that have guided us for so long."

- Michele Wucker, President, World Policy Institute (from the Foreword)


"An original take on our current malaise with thoughtful recommendations on how to align policies to our new 21st century realities. A must read."

- Moises Naim, Carnegie Endowment and author of The End of Power