Money Changes Everything

The debate on globalization is over. Globalization has won, and it's working. In Money Changes Everything, Peter Marber offers incontrovertible proof that new prosperity is spreading worldwide and transforming everything it touches: culture, religion, families, politics, education, leisure, and much more. Marber reveals what to expect in your own life, business, and investments--and how to profit from the deepest and most rapid changes in human history.



"It's not just the start of a new century. It's the beginning of a seminal change in society, culture, and politics, and Peter Marber gives us the blueprint. Money Changes Everything should be considered essential reading." 

--Michele Mitchell, CNN political correspondent and author of The Latest Bombshell: A Novel


"This book is about something we all know intuitively: that money does change everything, from politics to family life to culture--here, there, and everywhere. But Peter Marber brings this important point home in entertaining and enlightening ways with his lively prose and provocative insights into the ever-changing nature of 21st century politics and economics." 

--Paul Blustein, Washington Post 

"Money Changes Everything is superb. Evenhanded, fair-minded, with a coherent and well-developed thesis. At last, an honest approach to what is self-evident, at least to the Have-nots. . . . I especially like the writing. It's punchy, personal, and to the point. No jargon, no econ mumbo-jumbo, no hiding behind voodoo. . . . The book is scholarly without being academic, profound without being polemical." 

--James B. Twitchell, Professor, University of Florida and author of Living It Up: Our Love Affair with Luxury