From Third World to World Class

From Argentina to Zimbabwe, rapid growth and economic transformation are creating a wide array of new business opportunities—for multinational corporations and individual investors alike. But the rise of the developing world is also challenging long-held beliefs that the industrialized nations would call all the shots. In this highly original analysis of developing nations, investment, and global business expansion, Peter Marber identifies the risks and rewards of investing in emerging markets, and reveals new sources of conflict as value systems clash in a game of global economic integration where there will inevitably be financial winners, as well as losers.



From Third World to World Class is a fresh, in-depth, and optimistic study...Peter Marber demonstrates that the power of free markets is overtaking the intellectual pessimism of the 1980s and that over time great new economic powers will be formed.”

Walter Wriston, Former Chairman and CEO, Citicorp


From Third World to World Class...Top 10 Business Books of the Year”—Knight Ridder Newspapers